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Zimowy spływ rzeką Łaźna Struga. Na zdjęciu trzech kajakarzy wciągających kajak z wody na ośnieżony brzeg leśny. Zimowy spływ rzeką Łaźna Struga. Na zdjęciu trzech kajakarzy wciągających kajak z wody na ośnieżony brzeg leśny.

A touch of nature – on the route of the rivers of Warmia and Masuria

Warmia and Masuria is a paradise for lovers of active recreation in the water. One attraction for such people will be the kayaking trail of the Krutynia River, which begins its course in the Masurian Lake District, crossing the Masurian Plain, and then entering the beautiful areas of the Masurian Lake District.

The kayaking trail of the Łyna River – the longest river of the region (264 km), which runs through the centre of Olsztyn, and in the further journey passes through other cities, such as Dobre Miasto, Lidzbark Warmiński and Bartoszyce, that await your discovery.

The kayaking trail of the Dajna River, about 36 km long, is a trail for experienced kayakists, on which you will encounter several difficulties. This route is characterized by picturesque landscapes that you can admire while passing through nine lakes of the Mrągowo Lake District.

Kayaking on the Łaźna Struga river

This kayaking trail is approximately 113 km long and has its beginning on the Szeskie Hills – the highest situated area in the north-eastern part of the Masurian Lake District. The first part of this route runs through the hilly Ełk Lake District, surrounded by forests and hills of the Borecka Forest.

In its lower parts, the trail crosses flat, wet and mostly meadow areas. The upper part of the river is called the Masurian or Czarna Struga, and, coming from Lake Szwałk, its name is Łaźna Struga. Its course ends near the town of Goniądz in Podlaskie Voivodship, where it flows into the Biebrza River.

Fot. www.folwarklekuk.pl

Kayaking on the Łaźna Struga is an attraction for kayakists wanting to discover charming, unspoiled places of nature, less frequented and not yet fully discovered forests, where you will experience the primal beauty of Masuria. Łaźna Struga, which is a part of the Ełk River, is an excellent choice for active recreation for kayaking enthusiasts, beginner rowers, and people with children.

In winter, Folwark Łękuk – an attractive hotel with a restaurant located in Łękuk Mały, organizes Masurian kayaking on the Łaźna Struga River. Those who take part in them experience unforgettable impressions while admiring the winter scenery of the river and nature.

Fot. www.folwarklekuk.pl

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