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Na zdjęciu ser owczy typu fermier wyprodukowany w Ranczo Frontiera w Warpunach.   Na zdjęciu ser owczy typu fermier wyprodukowany w Ranczo Frontiera w Warpunach.

A visit to Warmian and Masurian cheese manufactories

It has become common to think that cheese making in our country is primarily the domain of highlanders, who make traditional oscypeks from sheep’s milk. This conviction, lingering in the social consciousness, is beginning to alter, and cheese lovers more and more appreciate and more and more frequently reach for cheeses made in Warmia and Masuria.

Today we will take you on a trip along the trail of spots where ecological and health-promoting farm cheeses are manufactured.

We will commence our culinary excursion with … a curiosity. Have you an idea how much milk is needed to make 1 kg of sheep’s cheese? It happens that as much as 16 litres! Such amounts of milk are used at the Owczarnia Lefevre Farm, located in the village of Kiersztanowo in Warmia.

The proprietors of the farm successfully combine the French tradition of making delicious cheese from sheep’s milk with the Warmian spirit of nature.

Fot. www.facebook.com/OwczarniaLefevrePage/

Another well-known place on the culinary map of Warmia and Mazury is the Frontier Ranch in Warpuny, named by the World Association of Culinary Tourism as the best farm in the world.

Connoisseurs can degustate the highly valued fermier cheese, which matures for many months under a watchful eye of cheesemakers.

Fot. www.seryowcze.pl
Fot. www.facebook.com/Ranczo-Frontiera/

You can be certain that no cheese lover travelling in Warmia and Masuria will be disappointed. The Land of a Thousand Lakes offers full taste sensations – apart from sheep’s cheese, farms from our region also produce many types of cheeses from cow’s and goat’s milk.

One of the manufactories specializing in the latter is Kozia Farma Złotna in the vicinity of Morąg. They produce not only delicious and healthy rennet cheeses and alder smoked cheeses, but also yoghurts, kefirs and cottage cheese.

Fot. www.koziafarma.pl
Fot. www.facebook.com/KoziaFarmaZlotna/

Na stole trzy pakiety zawiniętych sznurkiem kiełbasek typu kabanos. Obok w misce gotowany czosnek.

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