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Samotny turysta płynący kajakiem po mazurskiej rzece, blisko brzegu porośniętego drzewami.


Are you hungry to experience something new?  Not for you lazy lying on the beach? And active recreation is something you love?  Warmia and Masuria is an ideal destination for active people – all year round!

High-five adventure! - outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

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Chata traperska w środku lasu w Republice Ściborskiej.

At the Masurian end of the world - visiting Republika Ściborska

In the cleanest region of Poland, east of Gołdap, near Banie Mazurskie, you will find the Republika Ściborska, an ecological settlement straight from the 19th century, and several hectares of unspoiled nature.

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Panorama rzeki.

4 remarkable sites by the Łyna

Today we are taking you on an unusual journey that is somewhat historical, a bit mysterious, and featuring surprises so characteristic of the history and nature of the region. They are really worth seeing. They are all linked to the Łyna, a beautiful river flowing across the land called Warmia.

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Zimowy spływ rzeką Łaźna Struga. Na zdjęciu trzech kajakarzy wciągających kajak z wody na ośnieżony brzeg leśny.

A touch of nature - on the route of the rivers of Warmia and Masuria

Warmia and Masuria is a paradise for lovers of active recreation in the water. One attraction for such people will be the kayaking trail of the Krutynia River, which begins its course in the Masurian Lake District, crossing the Masurian Plain, and then entering the beautiful areas of the Masurian Lake District.

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Zdjęcie drogi leśnej biegnącej wśród lasu brzozowego.

What's happening in the forest? The most beautiful backwoods of Warmia and Masuria

Nature is the greatest wealth of the region, including large forest complexes that are remnants of old forests. Forests cover over 30% of the province's area. In order to protect the most valuable natural areas in the region, eight landscape parks and over 100 reserves have been created.

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Tył roweru i prawa noga rowerzysty jadącego utwardzoną ścieżką  rowerową w lesie.

A network of cycling trails in Warmia and Masuria is being developed

Warmia and Masuria is a region where everyone will find something for themselves - unspoilt nature, beautiful lake landscapes, forests, fields and meadows, numerous monuments testifying to the rich past of the region. All this can be experienced by traveling one of the many cycling routes.

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Zdjęcie przedstawiające trzech jeźdźców jadących na koniach brzegiem jeziora ze stadniny w Pałacu w Galinach.

Rest in the saddle

Horse breeding in Warmia and Mazury is a centuries-old tradition inscribed in the history of the region and as popular as sailing or canoeing. Forests, meadows, country roads, the shores of lakes and rivers, all this inspires and invites horse riding enthusiasts to discover peace and unforgettable moments in the saddle.

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Uzdrowisko Gołdap. Na zdjęciu dwa budynki tężni uzdrowiska.

A weekend in Gołdap - Mazurski Zdrój

Gołdap is a city with unique natural and climatic values with the purest air in the region. We inform tourist who plan to come to Gołdap for the weekend, that three days is certainly not enough. It is the only town in the region, which holds the status of a mud treatment climatic resort with a Health Resort Promenade, a mineral water drinking room and graduation towers

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Na zdjęciu żaglówki z wypożyczalni sprzętu wodnego "Na Fali" przycumowane do pomostu przy plaży miejskiej w Mrągowie.

Mrągowo – active leisure within your reach!

Mrągowo is a unique spot on the map of Mazury for several reasons. Its location in the central part of the Masurian Lake District makes it attractive in many respects. There are many options for active leisure in Mrągowo all year round. Check it out and experience it for yourself!

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Na zdjęciu statek Żeglugi Ostródzko-Elbląskiej na wózku,  przemieszczający się po torowisku, które znajduje się na trawiastym wzniesieniu. Na statku znajdują się turyści obserwujący trasę.

Sail with us on grass

Grass is no place for boats, but there is a place and the only route in the world, where we sail for several hours by boat, and then take part of the route/cruise by land on a trolley.

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Na zdjęciu mała dziewczynka i chłopiec bawiące się w lesie.

Holidays with children in Warmia and Mazury - family fun together

When choosing Warmia and Mazury as a destination to visit with your kids and spend a vacation or a planned weekend, you search for places and hotels with a swimming pool, slide, playground, rope park, so that our children are occupied, and you, an adult, can have some time for yourself.

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Spływ rzeką Dajną. Na zdjęciu niebieski kajak z dwiema wioślarkami pokonujący zakręt na rzece i wpływający nurtem rzeki do następnej odnogi Dajny.

Kayaking around Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts. The abundance of lakes, natural water canals and rivers create perfect conditions for organising a several hours long trip or a few days long canoeing trip.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia parę rowerzystów podczas postoju na łące, patrzących się w dal gdzie widać niebieskie jezioro.

Bike routes

Bikes to the lakes! The land of the Great Masurian Lakes is not only good for sailors. There are more and more beautiful bicycle trails and separate roads for cyclists.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą.

High-five adventure! - outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia mężczyznę żwawo biegnącego na nartach przez ośnieżoną drogę.

Winter events worth taking part in

Several kilometers of picturesque cross-country skiing trails, more and more ski resorts and lifts in a beautiful winter scenery, frozen lakes ideal for ice sailing - all this attracts lovers of winter sports to Warmia and Masuria. Check out the most popular winter events in the region.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia spokojną rzekę Krutynię w czasie zachodu słońca, W rzece odbijają się trawy i drzewa.

Krutynia - a river without secrets

The Krutynia river starts its course in the Mragowo Lake District, flows out of Warpuńskie Lake, crosses lakes in the Masurian Plain and ends its course in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The trail leads through a dozen or so lakes connected by short rivers, which have been given the common name Krutynia.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia pływające na jeziorze białe łodzie z załogami letnią porą.

The White Sails Trail

White sails stretched in the wind, sailing yachts on the shimmering surface of water is a view characteristic for Masuria. The Land of a Thousand Lakes is a Mecca for sailors - lakes connected by canals create perfect conditions for swinging on the water and discovering places where man is in vain, where unspoiled nature is not only a cliché, and sunrises reflected in the water mirror remain in memory for a long time.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur