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Fish dishes from Masurian lakes

Fish dishes are an important part of the diet of the inhabitants of the Land of a Thousand Lakes, as well as an attraction for tourists. Thanks to the abundance of lakes, fish have had a great influence on the local cuisine. The culinary tradition of Warmia and Masuria has been shaped by the influences of different cultures for many centuries.

Meat dishes made of sausages (e.g. white sausage in beer) and noodles stayed in the region as a result of the influence of German cuisine. In Lithuanian and Russian cuisine, the popular dishes include dumplings with various stuffing, Lithuanian pancakes or kartacze – the famous potato dumplings stuffed with meat.

Fish soup

This is the most recommended dish in Masurian restaurants, made of various species of lake fish. In the culinary tradition, there are mentions of fish soup prepared from fish and crayfish caught in the local lakes and rivers. Rybaczówka, in Bogaczewo near Giżycko, is a restaurant where everything revolves around fish and where you can taste real fish soup, including tench tripe.

The fish in Rybaczówkais served in many ways: baked, fried, smoked, pickled; as a whole or filleted; on a plate or on a wooden tray.

Baked zander in butter with capers

Zander is a fish found in Masurian lakes and large lowland rivers. Baked zander in butter with onion and capers is a simple and unique dish, not only for fans of fish dishes. The place where you will get to know the taste of this dish, as well as many other fish dishes, is the Gościniec restaurant in Głodowo, near Ruciane-Nida.

Here, the dishes are prepared from fish caught in local lakes, which guarantees freshness and unique taste.

Fried fish from the pan

Fish fried in a pan, served with salads, is the most popular fish dish in restaurants and fry shops throughout Warmia and Masuria. We can order fried fish in an very friendly and welcoming place, which is the Córka Rybaka restaurant in Sztynort.

There, in addition to fresh fish, we can also try smoked fish from Masurian lakes, supplied by local fish farms.

Perch fillet in lemon sauce

Perch is a fish commonly found in Masurian rivers and lakes. Perch fillet in lemon sauce is the specialty of the Korsarz fish restaurant and fry shop in Giżycko. The restaurant’s offer includes a wide selection of Masurian fish, prepared with traditional flavors and enriched with bouquets of always fresh and healthy salads.

Na stole trzy pakiety zawiniętych sznurkiem kiełbasek typu kabanos. Obok w misce gotowany czosnek.

Culinary Heritage Network Warmia Masuria Powiśle

Drawing on the culinary traditions of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle, based on the high quality of local products - such are the products and services that the Culinary Heritage Network "Warmia Masuria Powiśle" gathers.

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Zdjęcie micha a w niej potrawa z dziczyzny w której znajdziemy mięso, ziemniaki, warzywa, włoszczyznę a wszystko to przyprawione własnym sosem.

Culinary journeys around Warmia and Mazury

The region offers a wealth of flavors to tourists who are looking for culinary experiences. Regional food and original drinks, including honeys and craft beers, are offered by numerous restaurants and pubs.

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Na zdjęciu mała dziewczynka i chłopiec bawiące się w lesie.

Holidays with children in Warmia and Mazury - family fun together

When choosing Warmia and Mazury as a destination to visit with your kids and spend a vacation or a planned weekend, you search for places and hotels with a swimming pool, slide, playground, rope park, so that our children are occupied, and you, an adult, can have some time for yourself.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur