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Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego - Skansen w Olsztynku. Na zdjęciu zabytkowa chata z drewna.  Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego - Skansen w Olsztynku. Na zdjęciu zabytkowa chata z drewna.

Following the traces of tradition and culture in Masuria

Old activities, traditions and folk customs are an integral part of the life of the past. It is worth recalling and showing them, teaching young generations what our ancestors used to do. In Masuria, you can find many places which organize shows and workshops of old crafts.

Garncarska Wioska – Pottery Village – it is non-saints that make pots…

Garncarska Wioska is a community enterprise, a theme village operating in the village of Kamionka, located 7 km from Nidzica. Old dying professions are recreated and old traditions and customs are cultivated here, there are fairs, which offer ceramics, tailoring products, beeswax products, regional souvenirs and herbal products.

There are also shows and workshops on ceramics, glass painting and the production of wax candles. The pottery in Kamionek Wielki near Węgorzewo, where you will also learn the secrets of pottery making, is another place worth visiting.

Fot. www.garncarskawioska.pl

Museum of Folk Architecture – Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek

This is a must-see place on the map of the region’s attractions. The oldest and largest open-air museum in this part of Poland, covering the area of 93 ha, operates in Olsztynek. Its origins date back to 1908, and are associated with Królewiec, where the presentation of traditional architecture from the territory of then East Prussia began. While walking through the open-air museum, you get the impression that you have moved back in time.

The museum organizes numerous workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Here you can learn the secrets of folk painting on tiles and glass, techniques of hand pottery and cut-outs, traditional carpentry, blacksmithing and other crafts. You can also take part in interesting shows and workshops at the Museum of Folk Culture in Węgorzewo.

Fot. www.muzeumolsztynek.com.pl

Forester’s Lodge Pranie – Masurian oasis of poetry

The most modern culture is also doing well in Masuria. One of the places where you can enjoy it is the extraordinary forester’s lodge Pranie on Lake Nidzkie, near Ruciane-Nida. It became a part of history thanks to the visits of the outstanding Polish poet – Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. Today it hosts a museum devoted to this poet, filled with poetry, music and art.

In July and August, it holds concerts of classical music and literary songs, exhibitions, meetings with authors and poetry readings. Cultural events organized in Pranie are very popular among local residents and tourists. The forester’s lodge has also become a favorite meeting place for artists holidaying in Masuria.

It hosts theatre, art and literary workshops for children and young people as part of the series “Fun with the Green Goose”, based on the poetry of Gałczyński. A branch of the museum in Pranie is the Michał Kajka Museum in Ogródek, dedicated to this Masurian folk poet.

Fot. www.lesniczowkapranie.art.pl 

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