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Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą. Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą.

High-five adventure! – outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

Family Entertainment Park &quot “Nowa Holandia&quot” near Elbląg

To start with, it’s a real treat – 64 hectares to be enjoyed and explored by little visitors. There’s everything here! Rope park, a monkey grove, trampolines, a super-cool tunnel, a gold mine, slides, minizoo, birdhouse, Viking settlement and educational paths. There’s no boredom here. It is the largest facility full of attractions for children in northern Poland. In addition to playing, there is also a hotel and a restaurant serving delicious food.

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Show Gardens and Butterfly House in Marcinkowo near Mrągowo

Fabulous – this is the shortest way to describe the Show Gardens in Marcinkowo. On the area of over 3 thousand sq. m. beautiful gardens in different styles and colours, rich in exotic plants from different corners of the world were arranged. In this wonderful scenery there is also a peculiar hotel for insects and a Butterfly House, where you can see butterflies at different stages of development – from eggs, through caterpillar and chrysalis, to the adult form – imago.

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Mazurolandia in Parcz near Kętrzyn

In the vicinity of Gierłoż (where it is worth visiting the Wolf’s Lair), in an area of 30 thousand square meters, children combine fun with learning about the history and culture of the region. There is the Park of Miniatures, i.e. models of the most beautiful buildings of Warmia and Masuria and other regions, gathered in one place.

On the Glade of Legends and Fairy Tales you will learn about the history of the creation of Masuria and local legends, e.g. “About the King Vendace”, “About the beautiful Galinda and the power of frog eyes”, and you will find out who the Masurian Kłobuk was.

Right next to the glade there are lovely animals. Militaria enthusiasts will surely like the museum, training ground, shooting range and Area 4 of the Wolf’s Lair, where the garden was located during World War II.

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Indian village in Spytkowo near Giżycko

All colored faces are welcome here. You don’t have to go overseas to find out how the Indians lived. In Spytkowo near Giżycko there is a place where there are plenty of challenges, adventures and all this in close proximity to nature. The Indian village and the North American Indian Museum are not only colourful stories about the culture of the Indian tribes.

Here you can shoot from a bow and winchester, try not to miss by throwing a spear or a tomahawk, and at the end of the adventure enjoy an unforgettable evening by the bonfire, where the great leader tells fascinating stories about Indians not only for children. Howgh!

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Republika Ściborska in Ściborki near Banie Mazurskie

Dog sledges, wolves, Indians, Masurian boondocks and no telephone signal. Ściborki is a place created for nature enthusiasts. In the cleanest region of Poland you will find an old habitat and several hectares of uncontaminated nature. But don’t think that this is just a place to relax. In the summer, those looking for a thrill can take part in a family camp, during which they will get to know the work of a dog sled guide, learn survival techniques and experience a great adventure.

In winter, on the other hand, there are dog sledges waiting for you and a unique camp – the Cold Pole. Coming here is an opportunity to meet people full of passion and love for nature, forest life and scouting.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia cygański drewniany wóz stojący przy drodze. W oknach widać białe firanki.

The climate of small towns - 4 local museums in Cittaslow towns

In the era of hustle and bustle, a movement spreading ideas different from those imposed by the modern world was born.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia mężczyznę żwawo biegnącego na nartach przez ośnieżoną drogę.

Winter events worth taking part in

Several kilometers of picturesque cross-country skiing trails, more and more ski resorts and lifts in a beautiful winter scenery, frozen lakes ideal for ice sailing - all this attracts lovers of winter sports to Warmia and Masuria. Check out the most popular winter events in the region.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia danie regionalnej kuchni warmińsko-mazurskiej czyli dzyndzałki w rosole posypane przyprawami i przyozdobione pietruszką.

Exceptional dishes that you should try in Warmia and Masuria

"Dzyndzałki z hreczką", "plińce z pomoćką", "szmurkul", and for dessert: "brukowiec mazurski" – where to start discovering the cuisine of Warmia and Masuria? The cuisine of Warmia and Masuria combines flavours of old Polish, German and borderland cuisine. It is delicious, natural and simple, yet full of flavour.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur