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Historical necropolises of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle

November is the month when the leaves sparkle with different colours and nature slowly prepares for winter. This is the month that begins with All Saints’ Day, a day of reflection, memories and numerous visits to cemeteries and graves of loved ones. The cemeteries scattered around the region are a characteristic landmark and an important historical evidence. In the past, every village in Warmia and Masuria had its own cemetery. Today, unfortunately, there is no trace left of the most of them.

Over the centuries, the inhabitants of these lands included Evangelicals, followers of Judaism, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Old Believers, and even Mormons, and each of these religious communities had its own sacred buildings and cemeteries. There are over 300 war cemeteries and mass graves from World War I and II in Warmia and Masuria.

Soviet Army Soldiers Cemetery in Braniewo

It is the largest cemetery in the region of Soviet soldiers killed in early 1945 during the battles on the Vistula Lagoon and in the vicinity of Pasłęk, Elbląg, Górowo Iławeckie, Kętrzyn, Barczewo, Reszel and Nidzica. It is also the largest site of this type in Europe where 31,000 soldiers are buried, including only 4,000 known by their full names.

World War I cemetery in Markajmy

The largest cemetery from the period of World War I in the region is located in Markajmy near Lidzbark Warmiński. Here are the remains of over 5,000 soldiers of the Russian, Romanian, French, English, Belgian, Italian and Serbian armies. The cemetery is a site recorded in the register of monuments. We can find well-preserved tombstones and monuments of small architecture.

“Bet Tahara” Funeral Home of the Jewish Commune

The “Bet Tahara” Funeral Home was commissioned by the Jewish community in 1912-1913, becoming an integral part of the cemetery belonging to this community, existing from 1819 at the former Jeziorna Street in Olsztyn. The cemetery survived World War II in a very good condition.

In the 1970s it was transformed into a park. In 2007, upon the initiative of the “Borussia” Cultural Community, preservation works were initiated to restore the building and the cemetery to its former glory. Since 2013, the building houses the “Mendelsohn House” Centre for Intercultural Dialogue of the “Borussia” Cultural Community.

Fot. www.visit.olsztyn.eu

The pyramid in Rapa

On the other hand, just next to the state border, near the village of Rapa, there is a pyramid hidden among the trees. It was probably erected in 1811 by the Danish architect Bertel Thorvaldens on behalf of the Prussian baron Friedrich von Fahrenheid. The baron and six members of his family were buried in it.

Locals and dowsers claim that there is strong electromagnetic radiation in the place where the pyramid is located, and that there are no insects or birds in its immediate vicinity.

Fot. Robert Wróbel IT. Mrągowo / Main photo – cemetery in Pieckach / Kirkut in Mikołajki / War cemetery in Mrągowo.

Na stole trzy pakiety zawiniętych sznurkiem kiełbasek typu kabanos. Obok w misce gotowany czosnek.

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