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Na zdjęciu mała dziewczynka i chłopiec bawiące się w lesie.  Na zdjęciu mała dziewczynka i chłopiec bawiące się w lesie.

Holidays with children in Warmia and Mazury – family fun together

When choosing Warmia and Mazury as a destination to visit with your kids and spend a vacation or a planned weekend, you search for places and hotels with a swimming pool, slide, playground, rope park, so that our children are occupied, and you, an adult, can have some time for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong about it, but this time we would like to suggest spending time a little differently. Let’s take advantage of the great assets of the region, nature and culture and try to connect with it so that together with your family, you can get to know better not only Warmia and Mazury but also each other.

See what attractions we can offer for you and your children in Warmia and Mazury.

Start your journey with getting to know the wild nature in Masuria together, and the best place for it is Bison Show Farm in Puszcza Borecka Forest in the town of Wolisko in the Giżycko poviat. In the Bison Park a viewing platform was built especially for tourists from which you can watch the herd very closely.

Those who want to watch bisons online, please watch bisons live. Another very well-known and popular site is the Kadzidłowo Wild Animal Park located in the Puszcza Piska Forest. Wolves, lynxes, tarpans, fallow deer and elks live in the Masurian safari in conditions similar to natural ones. Some of them, with gentle nature, can be petted and you can take a selfie with them.

Near Gołdap at the foot of Tatarska Góra (308 m above sea level) there is an unusual site, worth seeing, which will definitely appeal to young naturalists – Masurian safari.

On an approx. 300 ha of fenced land, in a beautiful green area, crossed by numerous water hills, you will see herds of fallow deer, European deer, mouflons, wild barbary sheep, llamas and even zebras and camels.

We also invite you to visit Kosewo Górne near Mrągowo in which the Research Station of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences is located. In the facility, numerous herds of three deer species living in Poland: Red Deer, European Fallow Deer and Sika Deer are kept in conditions close to natural.   

Warmia and Mazury is rich in waterways on which you can spend a beautiful and joyful day with the whole family. We invite you to Elbląg Canal – a unique water system connecting the lakes of western Masuria with the Vistula Lagoon. It’s remarkable because of a 100-meter difference in water levels which you will cross using a floodgate system and 5 slipways. Ships are transported between individual floodgates on special rail platforms.

Another technical monument worth visiting is The Ełk Narrow Gauge Railway. In summer, from May to the end of August, tourist journeys are carried out on this route using diesel and steam engines.

And for those who want to spend their free time more traditionally, in amusement parks, we invite you to visit New Holland Family Amusement Park near Elbląg. In the park, everyone will find something for themselves: a rope park, monkey grove, trampolines, tunnels, giant slides, mini zoo, educational path, Viking settlement and many other attractions for large and small alike.

We also invite you to visit Mazurian Fun and Education Park – Mazurolandia. located right next to the remains of the Wolf’s Lair. Here you will learn about the culture of Warmia and Masuria by means of presentation of the region’s most valuable buildings on a 1:25 scale.

In the vicinity of Olsztyn on Lake Gim a Bartbo Active Amusement Parkis located. There, you will find an eco maze, spherical balls and many other attractions to spend your free time outdoors.

And finally, we would like to invite whole families to visit numerous open air museums such as Museum of Military Equipment in Mrągowo. Museum of the Battle of Grunwald or also Show Gardens and Butterfly House in Marcinków near Mragowo.

Na zdjęciu panorama statku wycieczkowego "Gałczyński" pływającego po jeziorze Tałty.

Cruises round the Great Masurian Lakes

The Great Masurian Lakes with their pristine landscape, diversity of waterways and beautiful forests are a natural phenomenon not only in Poland, but worldwide. "Mazury Nature Wonder" is not only a slogan, but also a genuine connection with nature in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą.

High-five adventure! - outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

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Na zdjęciu widnieje Pałac i Folwark Galiny wiosenną porą otoczony ogrodem z zielonymi żywopłotami i kwitnącymi krzewami czerwonych róż. Pośrodku zdjęcia znajduje się brama z drewnianą dzwonnicą przez którą zabytkowe auto wjechało na żwirowy plac. Po obu stronach bramy dworek ma symetryczne budowle o finezyjnym kształcie.

In search of magical places - resting in castles and palaces

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where stories from the old days are told at tables abounding with food. You have the opportunity to move into the world of castles and palaces, feel the fairy-tale atmosphere, discover the secrets that hide in the historical walls, and relax royally in the midst of fantastic natural surroundings.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur