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New members of the Culinary Heritage Network “Warmia Mazury Powiśle”

The Culinary Heritage Network “Warmia Mazury Powiśle” is currently the largest in Poland, and one of the largest regional organizations in Europe supporting the production and popularization of natural and traditional food consumption, and promoting local entrepreneurship and tourism.

The Region of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle is a melting pot of cultures, faiths and nations that have shaped history and culinary distinctness for centuries have. Therefore, in today’s cuisine of the region you can find influences of Old Polish, German, Ukrainian or Russian cuisine. The richness of flavors and original dishes prepared from natural ingredients and traditional raw materials highlights the identity of the inhabitants of the region.   

The Culinary Heritage Network brings together restaurants, farmers’ shops, producers and processors. The sign with a white cook’s cap on a blue background can be found all over Europe. Reaching for products and visiting restaurants with this symbol, we are guaranteed high quality and good taste.

The network currently consists of 133 members, and another 8 companies joined it in 2020.

Craftsman’s Dairy “Roguska Struga”

A dairy in the village of Redy near Lidzbark Warmiński. Under the brand name “Roguska Struga” Traditional dairy products are produced under the brand name “Roguska Struga”: traditional cottage cheese, maturing cheeses, rending cheeses, cream, butter, traditional buttermilk and natural yogurts.

For their production, milk from local, friendly farms is used – from cows belonging to small herds that are traditionally fed and have a large grazing area.

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Malta Cafe Restaurant

A restaurant located in the Old Town, in the center of Olsztyn. The vegetables and fruit used to prepare dishes in the restaurant come from an organic farm. Dishes from fresh mushrooms are prepared here manually, and for later use mushrooms are marinated, boiled, fried and veneered.

In the winter season, leaven from organic beets is set, then used for Christmas borsch. Geese, ducks, eggs and milk come from local suppliers.

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Mead Factory “Almes” Ltd.

Miodosytnia Miody Nidzica is located in a historical building from 1868, at the base of the castle of the Teutonic Order in Nidzica. The mead is produced here exclusively from natural raw materials, according to traditional recipes, based on bee honeys from local apiaries.

Honeys are characterized by a delicate, velvety taste, which is formed during the course of natural fermentation. For many years they age in oak barrels, gaining natural clarity.

Fot. www.dziedzictwokulinarne.pl

Naturalna Żywność (Natural Foods) Ltd.

Naturalna Żywność Ltd. (non-profit) is a pro-social project created a few years ago as part of the activities of the Center for Support of Social Economy Initiatives in Elbląg. The main objective of the project is to promote culinary heritage, regional products, products from the immediate surroundings and produced in accordance with the principles of traditional culinary art.

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Fish dishes from Masurian lakes

Fish dishes are an important part of the diet of the inhabitants of the Land of a Thousand Lakes, as well as an attraction for tourists. Thanks to the abundance of lakes, fish have had a great influence on the local cuisine. The culinary tradition of Warmia and Masuria has been shaped by the influences of different cultures for many centuries.

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Na stole trzy pakiety zawiniętych sznurkiem kiełbasek typu kabanos. Obok w misce gotowany czosnek.

Culinary Heritage Network Warmia Masuria Powiśle

Drawing on the culinary traditions of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle, based on the high quality of local products - such are the products and services that the Culinary Heritage Network "Warmia Masuria Powiśle" gathers.

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Na zdjęciu mała dziewczynka i chłopiec bawiące się w lesie.

Holidays with children in Warmia and Mazury - family fun together

When choosing Warmia and Mazury as a destination to visit with your kids and spend a vacation or a planned weekend, you search for places and hotels with a swimming pool, slide, playground, rope park, so that our children are occupied, and you, an adult, can have some time for yourself.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur