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Samotna żaglówka pływającą po spokojnym mazurskim jeziorze. Samotna żaglówka pływającą po spokojnym mazurskim jeziorze.

Unusual lakes charm

Warmia and Masuria are called the Land of a Thousand Lakes, but in fact, there are almost three times as many lakes. The largest reservoirs stretch into the Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes, and connecting them by canals allows sailors to move freely between the reservoirs. Thanks to ongoing modernization, the canals, sluices, and other hydro-technical facilities on the route fulfill their functions better and better.

Zdjęcie przedstawia psa w typie owczarek niemiecki stojącego na drewnianym pomoście nad jeziorem.
Zdjęcie przedstawia drewniany pomost na którym stoją krzesła i stoły.

The Great Mazurian Lakes Route, the most popular one among sailors, runs through the above-mentioned reservoirs. It is more than 130 km long and offers the possibility of numerous individual route modifications. The route crosses the complexes of the two largest lakes in the country: Śniardwy and Mamry. Quiet bays and dozens of ports and harbors, including modern eco-marinas, provide excellent conditions for multi-day cruises.

The main line of the trail leads from Węgorzewo, through Giżycko and Mikołajki to Pisz, while its branches lead to Ryn and Ruciane-Nida. From Ruciane-Nida, you can continue sailing along the channel-shaped Nida Lake. From Pisz, on the other hand, you can sail on Lake Roś or take the Pisa and Narew rivers to reach the Vistula. The modernization of the Pisa-Narew waterway will, in time, allow free sailing between Warsaw and the Great Masurian Lakes.

Zdjęcie przedstawia jezioro z lotu ptaka, wzdłuż którego linii brzegowej gęsto rosną drzewa. Na środku jeziora widnieją dwie wysepki.

Sailors can also expect many exciting experiences on the waters of the Ilawa Lake District, which has the longest lake in Poland, Jeziorak, on which Iława lies. It is connected through the Dobrzycki Channel with Lake Ewingi and through the Elblaski Channel with Lake Drwęckie in Ostróda, Elblag, and the Vistula Lagoon. After a cruise on the lagoon, you can continue on the Zulawy Loop system to Malbork, Tczew, Gdansk, and the Bay of Gdansk.

Not bringing up fishing is impossible when mentioning recreation on and by the water. Countless lakes with different characteristics as well as numerous rivers provide an opportunity to practice fly, float, ground, and spinning fishing. On the lake shores, you can find many convenient places for fishing. There is also no problem with renting a boat. You can be sure of a good catch by using the numerous exceptional fishing grounds. Some of them allow you to cook and eat your catch on the spot. If you are not an amateur fisherman but would like to taste delicious fish during your stay in Warmia and Mazury, you have nothing to lose. In the region, you will find many restaurants and fry houses, where the gifts of the lakes are served, prepared in many ways.

One of the legends about the formation of lakes seems to be more captivating and appealing to the imagination than scientific explanations. In ancient times, when giants lived on earth, one of the beautiful representatives of this race wore a string of unique pearls around her neck. Anyone who even once looked at them immediately forgot about his worries. A young giant fell in love with the owner of the necklace. She refused and started running away from him when he proposed to her. During their escape, the string of pearls broke, and they were scattered all over the Masurian land. Where the pearl broke, an irregularly shaped lake was formed. A circular lake appeared In places where the pearl fell intact. Despite the transformation, pearls in the form of lakes retained their magic and secret power.

As we sit in silence and admire the lake’s surface, we manage to forget our worries and troubles. If you want to see if it works, visit Warmia and Mazury and see for yourself.

Zdjęcie jeziora z brzegami porośniętymi drzewami pod błękitnym niebem.
Turyści zwiedzający dziedziniec zamkowy Zamku w Nidzicy. Dziedziniec otoczony jest bocznymi zadaszonymi nawami zamkowymi.

Land of Gothic castles

Castles conceal many stories. Shrouded in mysteries until they ask to be discovered. You can explore their history by following the Gothic Castles' Route, or you can deviate a bit from the trail and visit other fortresses and their remains in Warmia and Masuria. 

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Zdjęcie drogi leśnej biegnącej wśród lasu brzozowego.

What's happening in the forest? The most beautiful backwoods of Warmia and Masuria

Nature is the greatest wealth of the region, including large forest complexes that are remnants of old forests. Forests cover over 30% of the province's area. In order to protect the most valuable natural areas in the region, eight landscape parks and over 100 reserves have been created.

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Zimowy spływ rzeką Łaźna Struga. Na zdjęciu trzech kajakarzy wciągających kajak z wody na ośnieżony brzeg leśny.

A touch of nature - on the route of the rivers of Warmia and Masuria

Warmia and Masuria is a paradise for lovers of active recreation in the water. One attraction for such people will be the kayaking trail of the Krutynia River, which begins its course in the Masurian Lake District, crossing the Masurian Plain, and then entering the beautiful areas of the Masurian Lake District.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur