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Małe jeziorko od strony lasu podczas wschodu słońca, nad którym unoszą się promienie słońca  mała mgła i szadź poranka. Przy brzegu trzy duże drzewa a na wodzie po drugiej stronie brzegu łódka.   Małe jeziorko od strony lasu podczas wschodu słońca, nad którym unoszą się promienie słońca  mała mgła i szadź poranka. Przy brzegu trzy duże drzewa a na wodzie po drugiej stronie brzegu łódka.

Slow life in practice

There are places where nature plays the first violin. Away from roads, noise and crowded buildings. They are ideal for slowing down, resting, eating healthily, and giving in to deep relaxation. There are places in Warmia and Masuria that are simply a manifesto of good life. Get to know them.


Jabłoń Lake Resort

In the heart of the Pisz Forest, on the crystal clear Brzozolasek Lake, there is a perfect place to calm down and relax. As the hosts emphasize, here you live in harmony with Mother Nature. In the summer, the omnipresent greenery and smells carried away by gentle gusts of wind arouse admiration. You can explore the area from a canoe or boat, or you can get on a bike or grab nordic walking poles and go deep into the wilderness to commune with wildlife alone.

In autumn you will leave the forest with baskets full of mushrooms, and in winter you will ski on cross-country skis on specially prepared ski tracks, which are nearly 30 km long. When the lake freezes, you can also skate pirouettes and then warm up by the fireplace and taste the local warming liquors.

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Lefevre Sheepfold in Kiersztanowo

Everything tastes better in Warmia, even French cheese. Lefevre Sheepfold is a place that will delight not only seekers of respite, but also amateurs of forest walks and cheese gourmets. Here you can watch everyday life in the sheepfold – get to know the secrets of sheep’s cheese production, stroke the sheep and even help with their shearing. There are more animals here, so children will certainly have fun.

You can just drop in here for a chat and get some cheese, or you can spend more time and stay in La Maison du Jardinier, the Gardener’s House, and taste life in slow motion, where the joy of living here and now counts. And food so good as to lick your fingers – prepared from eco-products from their own farm.

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Siedlisko Blanki in Blanki

Paradise on earth. These three words are enough to describe Siedlisko Blanki. The most important thing here is the contact with oneself and the Warmian nature. A clatter of storks, a clangor of cranes and the smell of juicy greenery that greets us every morning. It is worth taking part in the yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops organized here and experience a conscious journey into yourself.

Included in your stay you will receive a reset and battery charge for the next months. One should also mention the food, because it is delicious! There is a 60 hectare certified organic farm, which makes the dishes healthy, varied and a unique experience for the taste buds.

Visit the site Siedlisko Blanki in Blanki

Gościniec Bocianowo

You will find a unique place of Masurian hygge just behind the village of Stręgiel, near Węgorzewo. Macrobiotic cuisine and 5 elements cooking, whose principles are based on traditional Chinese medicine, not only makes you feel great, but also the dishes prepared according to these principles taste delicious. People here eat chervil cream, new purple potatoes baked with garlic and Roman cumin or Masurian groats with shittake mushrooms – slow food at its best.

All the ingredients used in the kitchen are certified, organic or come from one’s own garden. You can be sure that here they will take care of vegans, vegetarians and allergy sufferers with great culinary care. Besides, there’s a 100-year-old house waiting for you there, which is full of positive energy and… alpacas. The owners of the guesthouse take care not only of their guests, but also of a herd of charming alpacas that people can pet, feed or lie down with in the living room by the fireplace.


Zdjęcie przedstawia piaskową drogę pomiędzy polami maków, nad którą unosi się poranna mgła. Obok drogi pole z kwiatami maku.

With nature in the background - they won the agritourism contest "Green Summer"

Green Summer" (Pl. Zielone Lato) is a competition that has a rich history and presents rural tourism facilities, which you can go to, being sure that you will find: total relaxation, rest among delightful nature, healthy, delicious food and friendly hosts with passion.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia danie regionalnej kuchni warmińsko-mazurskiej czyli dzyndzałki w rosole posypane przyprawami i przyozdobione pietruszką.

Exceptional dishes that you should try in Warmia and Masuria

"Dzyndzałki z hreczką", "plińce z pomoćką", "szmurkul", and for dessert: "brukowiec mazurski" – where to start discovering the cuisine of Warmia and Masuria? The cuisine of Warmia and Masuria combines flavours of old Polish, German and borderland cuisine. It is delicious, natural and simple, yet full of flavour.

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Na zdjęciu panorama statku wycieczkowego "Gałczyński" pływającego po jeziorze Tałty.

Cruises round the Great Masurian Lakes

The Great Masurian Lakes with their pristine landscape, diversity of waterways and beautiful forests are a natural phenomenon not only in Poland, but worldwide. "Mazury Nature Wonder" is not only a slogan, but also a genuine connection with nature in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur