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Zdjęcie przedstawia cygański drewniany wóz stojący przy drodze. W oknach widać białe firanki. Zdjęcie przedstawia cygański drewniany wóz stojący przy drodze. W oknach widać białe firanki.

The climate of small towns – 4 local museums in Cittaslow towns

In the era of hustle and bustle, a movement spreading ideas different from those imposed by the modern world was born. Cittaslow is an international network of small towns, whose main goals are to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants, cultural development and promotion of local products.

In these “unhurried” cities of Warmia and Masuria we can find unique museums worth visiting.


The interactive exhibition of the State of the Teutonic Order, located in the Town Hall building and part of the Borderland Museum (Muzeum Pogranicza) in Działdowo, gives the opportunity to literally touch history and become a participant in past events. Multimedia touchscreens and projections in 3D and augmented reality are an alternative way to experience history.

We can learn the history of the Teutonic Knights from expeditions to the Holy Land to today, watch the miniature castles, animated battle scenes and everyday life of the inhabitants of the villages and cities of the time. In this museum, children will certainly not complain about boredom. The attic has been adapted for an entertainment center.

There are comics on touchscreens, interactive photos from the Middle Ages and a treasure hunt post. The Interactive Teutonic State Museum in Działdowo was among the winners of the 7 New Wonders of Poland competition organised by “National Geographic”.


The Multimedia Museum of Stalag IB POW Camp and the History of Olsztynek, located in the attic of the Town Hall, is an obligatory entry on the “to do” list, followed by tasting the famous delicious Olsztynek bilberry buns. The museum consists of two rooms – in one of them we will see an exhibition telling the history of the town and presenting tourist attractions of Olsztynek and its surroundings.

The second room is devoted to the Stalag IB POW camp Hohenstein, the second largest camp in East Prussia. Recollections, how the stay in the POW camp looked like, and moving history of the prisoners, are revealed through multimedia presentations.


The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Lidzbark has a long history, it has been operating since 3 May 1889, and since 1972 the Warmia and Masuria Fire Museum in Lidzbark also operates there. There are at least a few reasons why it is worthwhile to look here.

There is a lot of fire extinguishing equipment used by generations of firefighters from Lidzbark, a large collection of fire engines, including an old wooden fire hose, a rich collection of fire helmets, uniforms, banners, badges and fire extinguishers. In front of the museum building there is a gas lamp from 1903, which was then used to light the streets.
Fans of firefighting will surely be delighted with this place.


The Feliks Nowowiejski Music Salon is a place which commemorates an important inhabitant of Barczewo, an outstanding composer – Feliks Nowowiejski. In the artist’s family home, you can undoubtedly feel the atmosphere of the era, you can see here preserved souvenirs of Nowowiejski, and even the piano on which he played.

The Music Salon, apart from making the museum collections available, organises concerts, workshops and cultural events. Since 2002, the Feliks Nowowiejski International Festival of Choral Music has been held in Barczewo, attracting choirs from various countries to this small town in the Warmia region, which enchant the audience with the performance of two pieces by Feliks Nowowiejski – “Rota” and “A Hymn to Masuria”.


Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą.

High-five adventure! - outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia spokojną rzekę Krutynię w czasie zachodu słońca, W rzece odbijają się trawy i drzewa.

Krutynia - a river without secrets

The Krutynia river starts its course in the Mragowo Lake District, flows out of Warpuńskie Lake, crosses lakes in the Masurian Plain and ends its course in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The trail leads through a dozen or so lakes connected by short rivers, which have been given the common name Krutynia.

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Zamek w Olsztynie z lotu ptaka. Zamek zlokalizowany w centrum Starego Miasta w Olsztynie.

Museum wanderings in Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is not only the Land of a Thousand Lakes, but a land with rich history, numerous monuments and different cultures, which influenced and shaped the everyday life of the inhabitants of this region throughout the centuries.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur