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Para rowerzystów w kaskach, jadących latem ścieżką po lesie. Para rowerzystów w kaskach, jadących latem ścieżką po lesie.

Three bike routes perfect for a spring trip

Fresh spring air and beautiful weather stimulate many of us and encourage to take up physical activity. We often choose two wheels. Here, we present three bike routes that are worth exploring this spring, both solo and during a family trip.

If you find yourself in Olsztyn and you want to take an exciting route, and at the same time remain close to the city, we encourage you to try Łynostrada – a bicycle highway along the Łyna River. The route is about 10 km long and although it runs within the city limits, it allows you take a break from the urban bustle, being surrounded by nature.

Along most of its course, Łynostrada is undemanding and you can easily ride it with children. Less experienced cyclists may encounter some difficulties on the section running through the City Forest. If you would like to go on a longer trip, you can continue along the trekking route called Warmińska Łynostrada, which connects Olsztyn and Lidzbark Warmiński (55 km).

Fot. www.olsztyn.eu

If you are looking for other bicycle routes that you can ride with your children, we suggest a route around the lakes Ryńskie and Tałty. Its level of difficulty has been described as medium, and it is about 50 km long.

You can start your trip in Ryn, where you will find a 14th-century castle, now serving as a hotel. From this town, the route goes all the way to Mikołajki, which also offers attractive ways of spending time outdoors. Driving this route, you can admire the picturesque villages scattered around the lakes.

Fot. www.it.mragowo.pl

If you are looking for a route that will not cause too much trouble, we recommend you the yellow bicycle route No. 6 in the municipality of Lidzbark Warmiński. It runs through the picturesque areas of Warmia, including Stryjkowo.

The route begins and ends in Kłębów, near the beautiful lake Symsar, and it is about 30 km long. When riding through the village of Kochanówka, it is worth paying attention to the chapels situated by the road, characteristic of the ​​Warmia region.

Thanks to bicycle tours around Warmia and Mazury, you can not only actively relax in the midst of nature, but also visit unique places of historical and cultural importance.

Fot. www.greenvelo.pl

Miasto Morąg w sieci miast Cittaslow. Na zdjęciu

Discover the attractions of new cities in the Cittaslow network

Warmia and Masuria is a region whose inhabitants care for good quality of life according to the principles of the slow movement. They also appreciate hospitality and gladly share their specialties with tourists. This is particularly characteristic of the inhabitants of the cities belonging to the international Cittaslow network.

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Przyczepa kempingowa ustawiona w lesie.

In a motorhome through Warmia and Mazury - we are waiting for you

There is nothing like having your own mobile home, thanks to which you have the opportunity to camp in various places in Warmia and Mazury, communing with nature practically at your fingertips.

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Spływ rzeką Dajną. Na zdjęciu niebieski kajak z dwiema wioślarkami pokonujący zakręt na rzece i wpływający nurtem rzeki do następnej odnogi Dajny.

Kayaking around Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts. The abundance of lakes, natural water canals and rivers create perfect conditions for organising a several hours long trip or a few days long canoeing trip.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur