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Time for Warmia and Masuria

Time for Warmia and Masuria – The Land of a Thousand Wonders. The first destination on the map? Poland. And Warmia and Masuria. The Land of a Thousand Lakes and a thousand attractions. Looking for Pyramids in Europe? We’ve got them! A ship sailing on grass? We have one too! The site of the largest battle of Medieval Europe? It’s here!

What’s most important, is the unique combination of wondrous nature, amazing leisure spots, and the distance we all need right now.

Time for Warmia and Masuria – The Land of a Thousand Cultures. Castles and palaces, museums and heritage parks, religious sites and places of worship, fortifications and strongholds, monuments of technology and industry – discover it all in Warmia and Masuria. While you’re there, check out the region’s rich cultural offer. Reggae Festival? Check! Country Picnic? Check! Museum of Lavender? Check! Visiting a true Warmia cottage? Of course! The Land of a Thousand Cultures in all its glory – see more below.

Time for Warmia and Masuria – The Land of a Thousand Flavors. From salty to sweet. From honey to pickle. The region’s cuisine and flavors are the centuries-old legacy of a world open to the influence of many cultures – combining East with West.

Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur