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What about visiting Warmia and Masuria region in winter?

There are numerous reasons why you should visit Warmia and Masuria at any time of the year. Although tourists come here mainly in summer to relax by the lakes, there are also various attractions that will encourage you to book a winter stay in the region.

Masuria is mainly associated with sailing. When the lakes are frozen, ice skaitng enthusiasts can go ice sailing, instead. However, it is a sport that requires a lot of skills.

You had better acquire and improve your skills at the schools, which usually operate at iceboat equipment rentals. An example of this type of activity is Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem in Rydzewo

If you prefer to spend your time actively in winter, but on land, in Warmia and Masuria you will find many opportunities for cross-country skiing. The winter sceneries of the region and the hilly terrain allow you to admire the beauty of nature as well as take up challenges related to improving your health condition. The Wiartel Ski Village is a particularly friendly place for cross-country skiing lovers.

Fot. Main photo. www.golebiewski.pl/wyciag-narciarski/
Fot. www.gospoda.pl

Should these suggestions prove to be insufficient, look around for more traditional entertainment, such as sleigh rides. These forms of active recreation are frequently offered by agritourism farms, which are abundant in Warmia and Masuria region. In such farms you can also spend the night and eat well. Many of them also allow you to get familiar with domestic and farm animals.

The idea of a sleigh ride and a bonfire in winter scenery will be perfect when we want to organize a family trip or a company retreat. Horse riding enthusiasts can find studs in our region that offer the possibility of horse riding lessons. You can rest here and find accommodation also in winter. An example may be the Pajtuński Młyn Horse-riding Centre in the Purda commune near Olsztyn.

Fot. www.kurzagora.pl

These are only some of the proposals that can become an inspiration for enjoyable and active holidays in Warmia and Masuria region in winter. Regardless of the selected form of activity, please remember to adjust your clothes to the weather conditions and to follow the safety rules.

Fot. www.pajtunskimlyn.pl

Uzdrowisko Gołdap. Na zdjęciu dwa budynki tężni uzdrowiska.

A weekend in Gołdap - Mazurski Zdrój

Gołdap is a city with unique natural and climatic values with the purest air in the region. We inform tourist who plan to come to Gołdap for the weekend, that three days is certainly not enough. It is the only town in the region, which holds the status of a mud treatment climatic resort with a Health Resort Promenade, a mineral water drinking room and graduation towers

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Zamek krzyżacki w Kętrzynie. Zdjęcie przedstawia fragment Zamku w Kętrzynie od strony parku.

Gothic buildings that have taken on a new brilliance

Warmia-Masuria is a region of Poland with an extraordinary cultural heritage. Many interesting monuments are a reminder of its turbulent history and the complicated fortunes of its inhabitants. When travelling across these parts, one may encounter majestic castles, churches, city fortifications and tenement houses – all witnesses of past centuries.

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Elbląg for the weekend

Elbląg is a perfect place to spend an interesting weekend. The oldest city in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship offers both historical monuments and modern attractions.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur