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The Gem of Warmia
Discover the city of Nicolaus Copernicus and be ready for an exciting journey in the footsteps of the great discoveries that have changed the perception of the universe forever.
The land of Thousand Lakes
The ideal place to indulge in rocking on the water and discover places where unspoiled nature is not just a cliché, and sunrises are long remembered.


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River Krutynia
Canoeing adventure
Whoever has ever kayaked the Krutynia trail will agree that it is one of the most beautiful in Poland. And Masuria explored from a kayak is not only an idyll, but also an exciting adventure.
Culinary Heritage Festival
The region of Warmia and Mazury is not only rich history, beautiful nature, clean and healthy air, but also also the richness of tastes and variety of natural dishes.

Enjoy Warmia and Masuria

Zdjęcie przedstawia danie regionalnej kuchni warmińsko-mazurskiej czyli

Exceptional dishes that you should try in Warmia and Masuria

"Dzyndzałki z hreczką", "plińce z pomoćką", "szmurkul", and for dessert: "brukowiec mazurski" – where to start discovering the cuisine of Warmia and Masuria? The cuisine of Warmia and Masuria combines flavours of old Polish, German and borderland cuisine. It is delicious, natural and simple, yet full of flavour.

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On the trail with Copernicus - the places where the great astronomer lived and worked

This trail leads through unique places. It's nearly 300 km of exciting journey in the footsteps of great discoveries that have changed the perception of the universe forever.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia czworo uśmiechniętych dzieci jadących na rowerach żwirową drogą.

High-five adventure! - outdoor activities for kids

There are places in Warmia and Masuria where children grin from ear to ear and adults become children again. We have prepared a list of places to visit with the whole family, where you can run, jump, act up, rest.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia cygański drewniany wóz stojący przy drodze. W oknach widać białe firanki.

The climate of small towns - 4 local museums in Cittaslow towns

In the era of hustle and bustle, a movement spreading ideas different from those imposed by the modern world was born.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia dziedziniec murowanego zamku z potężnymi wieżami.

Land of Gothic castles

Castles conceal many stories. Shrouded in mysteries until they ask to be discovered. You can explore their history by following the Gothic Castles' Route, or you can deviate a bit from the trail and visit other fortresses and their remains in Warmia and Masuria. 

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Freshly gathered - here nature rules

Imagine that you have unspoiled nature at your fingertips and that you can draw from it what is good and healthy. Among the clean air and crystal waters of Warmia and Masuria, the benefits of nature are plenty.

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Slow life in practice

There are places where nature plays the first violin. Away from roads, noise and crowded buildings. They are ideal for slowing down, resting, eating healthily, and giving in to deep relaxation. There are places in Warmia and Masuria that are simply a manifesto of good life. Get to know them.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia Park Centralny w Olsztynie poprzez który płynie rzeka Łyna.

City break in Olsztyn

Discovering the capital of Warmia and Masuria is extremely interesting at any time of year. It is a city with a soul, where history intertwines with modernity.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia pole maków.

Stunning places in Warmia and Masuria

In Warmia and Masuria you will find places that delight and look fabulous without the help of instagram filters. The most beautiful environment, dignified castles full of mysteries, and inspiring people.

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