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Przycumowane stojące w szeregu żaglówki na mazurskim jeziorze
w podczas wschodu słońca.   Przycumowane stojące w szeregu żaglówki na mazurskim jeziorze
w podczas wschodu słońca.

Discover Western Masuria

In the unanimous opinion of travel and food bloggers as well as tourists visiting the Land of a Thousand Lakes in recent years, Western Masuria has become a sought-after destination for holiday trips. One of the greatest appeals of this highly diverse region is its cuisine, which may surprise many enthusiasts of unconventional food, alongside tourist attractions that are the beating heart of this Masurian land.

However, its potential does not wane with the end of the holiday season. Anchored in the past, present and future, Western Masuria reveals its true advantages throughout the year. What is sure to impress you in Western Masuria?

Tourist attractions 

Anyone who visits Western Masuria will immediately notice how full of historical charm and tourist attractions this land is. Grunwald is an ideal place from which to start your tourist circuit. It’s a good idea if only to get a sense of the spirit of one of the key historical battles fought on these fields. Each year, in the second week of July, Grunwald brings together aficionados of history and weapons of the past who want to experience one of the largest battle reenactments in Europe.

Ostróda offers its visitors the charming Drwęckie Lake with the Teutonic Castle towering over it. Located in former Upper Prussia (so-called Oberland), the city is also known as the Polish capital of reggae music. In 2021, the Ostróda Reggae Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary and there is no indication that the organisers have said the last word on this topic.

Within the Iława Lake District you will find the breathtaking Jeziorak lake, which is the longest in Poland. The full charm of Masurian nature can be experienced right in Iława. The beauty of the numerous lakes and forests stuns tourists all year round.


Tourists visiting new, previously undiscovered places in Poland, who prioritise tasting regional cuisine, may find Western Masuria a refreshing dining experience.

It is impossible to talk about the uniqueness of the region’s cuisine without mentioning Mr. Ślimak (Mr. Snail), and more precisely local restaurateur Grzegorz Skalmowski. His creative vision, evolving continuously since 2003, has revived the memory of snails prepared in multiple different ways. Few people know that in the old days the inconspicuous Burgundy snails were a common dish served on Masurian tables.

Fot. https://www.polskieszlaki.pl/

The first culinary trail was created in the Warmian-Masurian province in 2021. It is  known as “Western Masuria Starting with the Kitchen”. It includes about 20 restaurants serving regional dishes, alongside country housewives clubs and local food producers.

Western Masuria is a region where you can spend a fantastic weekend for two or a holiday trip with your loved ones and sample unique culinary flavours. This increasingly popular land will give you the opportunity to take a break and spend some time in a relaxing natural setting. Which of the places in Western Masuria would you like to visit first?

Samotna żaglówka pływającą po spokojnym mazurskim jeziorze.

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Zdjęcie micha a w niej potrawa z dziczyzny w której znajdziemy mięso, ziemniaki, warzywa, włoszczyznę a wszystko to przyprawione własnym sosem.

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The region offers a wealth of flavors to tourists who are looking for culinary experiences. Regional food and original drinks, including honeys and craft beers, are offered by numerous restaurants and pubs.

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Bukiet zielonych ziół umieszczonych w worku z ziemią, a przy nim stoi ogrodnik ubrany we flanelowej koszuli w kratę.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur