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Zdjęcie pierogów w brązowej misce a wokół dania, przyprawy, dynia oraz liście mięty. Zdjęcie pierogów w brązowej misce a wokół dania, przyprawy, dynia oraz liście mięty.

Winter cuisine in Warmia and Masuria

Back in the day, seasonal crops most often graced the plates of the region’s inhabitants. In the summer, these were fruit, vegetables and the first cereals. In the autumn, potatoes and mushrooms reigned supreme. Spring was all about consuming the remains of the pantry and the first vegetables. What was distinct for the winter cuisine in Warmia and Masuria and what does it look like today?

Of course, the abundance of food on the table depended on the hosts’ wealth. Pantries were mostly stocked with products that kept well — cereals and groats, smoked fish, legume seeds. A popular delicacy was ‘kaszanka’, known as groat sausage, which appeared on the table after pig slaughter. Its ingredients comprised: blood, offal – such as lungs, liver, spleen, heart, kidneys – and finely chopped meat as well as barley groats. Everything was generously spiced with marjoram and pepper. Raw meat, in turn, was made into sausages, which were smoked and stored in the attic or inside a chest.

The winter period, with particular emphasis on Christmas time, was linked in the region with a specific cake — ‘brukowiec mazurski’ or the Masurian cobble. It took its name from the top layer, which consists of small, closely adjacent balls resembling a pavement. Over the last few years, this cake has been making a slow comeback thanks to the considerable contribution and effort of the founders of the Moja cafe in Olsztyn.

Fot. Dziedzictwo Kulinarne „Warmia Mazury Powiśle”

When it comes to fresh fish in winter, the possibilities are naturally more limited than in summer. The solution for gourmets is smoked or fried and marinated fish, which can be purchased at fishing farms (e.g. GR Szwaderki or GR GR Mikołajki) and processors (e.g. Tradycyjna Wędzarnia Warmińska (Traditional Warmia Smoker) or Ryby z Mazur (Fish from Masuria). It is also worth mentioning her smelt. Its fishing is carried out only in winter, when the lakes are covered with ice. Smelts inhabit only some waters in the region as they prefer cold waters with high oxygenation. Freshly caught and fried smelt can be eaten, among others, in restaurants such as Zapach Drewna (Smell of Wood) in Tumiany near Barczew and Gościniec Ryński Młyn (the Ryn Mill Inn) in Ryn or in the fish bar called Gospodarstwo Rybackie w Mikołajkach (Fishermen’s Farm) in Mikołajki.

Fot. TraveLover https://travelover.pl/ – smelt fish from Gościniec Ryński Młyn

Another dish back in vogue is the ‘karmuszka’ — a soup that contains everything that the Warmian dwellers ate at that time of the year. The dish brings together the traditions of German and Polish cuisine. The ‘karmuszka’ is made from pork, cabbage, beans, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and sour cream. Traditionally, white beans were added to the soup. This regional soup can be sampled, among others, in Cudne Manowce (Wonderful Wilderness) in Olsztyn, in the Karmuszka guesthouse in Łopkajny near Gietrzwałd and the Stara Karczma (Old Tavern) restaurant in Elbląg.

Fot. Dziedzictwo Kulinarne „Warmia Mazury Powiśle”

We are very pleased that flavours and culinary tastes are returning to Warmia and Masuria, which were once part and parcel of everyday life in these parts. This is largely due to the activity of entrepreneurs cultivating the region’s culinary heritage, which was based on natural, fresh or simply processed ingredients.

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