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Tył roweru i prawa noga rowerzysty jadącego utwardzoną ścieżką  rowerową w lesie.   Tył roweru i prawa noga rowerzysty jadącego utwardzoną ścieżką  rowerową w lesie.

Active Autumn – exploring lakes and rivers on two wheels

In autumn, when the air temperature is lower and the hiking trails are less crowded, we have perfect conditions for cycling. Being in Warmia and Masuria, it is worth planning a route around one of the numerous lakes or along the course of a river or canal. The choice of trails is really large, so today we recommend you three particularly interesting ones.

Masurian Bicycle Loop

The aim of the originators of this investment is to build a unique bicycle route leading around the Great Masurian Lakes. For amateurs of active tourism, it is a perfect addition to the sailing Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes. The total length of the route is about 300 km, and it has been divided into three parts called tracts: north-east, with over 115 km, south-east and west – each with a length of over 90 km.

From the north, the loop will connect with the longest cycling trail in Poland – Green Velo. Viewpoints, tourist service areas and information boards will be created along the route. The completion of the last works is planned for the end of 2023, but most of the sections are already ready and waiting for cyclists. Thanks to the Masurian Bicycle Loop, you will be able to visit both picturesque Masurian towns and delve into virgin forests, as well as admire breathtaking views of the endless surfaces of lakes and watch nature in numerous reserves. It is also worth taking breaks while driving to taste regional cuisine or take part in some cultural or sports event.

Para rowerzystów odpoczywa, siedząc przy rowerach i pijąc wodę z bidonu nad brzegiem rzeki Krutynia.

Along the Elbląg Canal

In the western part of the region, it is worth cycling along the unique on a global scale and still operating monument of hydrotechnics, which is the Elbląg Canal. The route leads from Ostróda, located on the Drwęckie Lake, to Elbląg and is just over 80 km long. On the way there is an opportunity to see both technical devices – locks and slipways of the Elbląg Canal, as well as admire the beautiful landscape of the Iława Lake District and the Vistula Żuławy. It is worth stopping in Buczyniec for a longer time, where, in addition to seeing the slipway, you can visit the Chamber of History of the Elbląg Canal. The Lake Druzno will also provide unforgettable impressions, which is a reserve of waterfowl and mud birds.

Łynostrada – with the course of the river

Łynostrada is a bicycle route leading from the sources of the Łyna River, along its course, up to Lidzbark Warmiński. In total, it is 114 km long and runs through the largest forest complex in the region – the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest – and through the Wichrowski Forests. Following the route, we will reach the capital of Warmia and the entire voivodeship – Olsztyn. It is worth stopping here for a moment and visiting the Museum of Modernity in the Central Park, as well as the planetarium and the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in the castle of the Warmia Chapter in the Old Town. Further, the route leads to Lidzbark Warmiński, a city applying for the status of a health resort, where you can relax after the hardships of the hike, visiting the recently opened brine graduation towers.

Another noteworthy points are: the Warmia Museum located in the castle of the Warmian bishops, the Krasicki Orangery, the historical fire station, the town hall, the building of the old mill and amphitheater, the High Gate, fragments of the city walls and the boulevard on the Łyna.

If you are looking for inspiration for cycling tours around Warmia and Masuria, we invite you: cycling tab and publications to download.


Zdjęcie przedstawiające fragment ścieżki rowerowej - Łynostrady w Olsztynie. Na zdjęciu widzimy bitumiczną ścieżkę rowerową otoczoną zielonymi polami.
Zdjęcie przedstawia pomnik z brązu Mikołaja Kopernika, który stoi na olsztyńskim starym mieście.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur