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The Fields of Grunwald – a place where you can experience living history

In mid-July, all lovers of history, especially of the medieval era, meet on the Fields of Grunwald to take part in the re-enactment of the famous battle which took place here on 15 July 1410. The re-enactment always takes place on the Saturday closest to the anniversary of the victory of the Polish-Lithuanian army, but the series of events making up the Grunwald Days lasts from Wednesday to Sunday. This year, the organisers have invited the public to the 25th anniversary edition of the staging.

Apart from watching the great battle, in which about 1,200 historical re-enactors from all over the world take part, one can also immerse oneself in the Middle Ages in other ways – learn about the everyday life of the people of that period, taste traditional cuisine, observe demonstrations of knightly combat, archery tournaments and presentations of ancient crafts, listen to traditional and medieval music or take part in one of the numerous workshops. When going to Grunwald Fields, it is worth getting acquainted with the rich programme of events in order to choose something for yourself in advance. Taking into account the culminating point of this programme, i.e. the battle re-enactment, and the other attractions, it seems desirable to plan a few days’ stay in the area to ensure plenty of medieval experiences.

The time between the various events can be used to wander among the hundreds of stalls, where you will meet shoemakers, carpenters, glassmakers, blacksmiths and monks. Numerous stalls tempt you with handicrafts, items of armour, costumes or jewellery. There is also plenty to eat before continuing your journey across the vast Grunwald Fields.

For lovers of more traditional forms of learning about history, we recommend a visit to the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald, where they can see the exhibition “The Great War with the Teutonic Order in the years 1409-1411”, which also shows the history of the Prussian tribes. It is complemented by a collection of medieval weaponry and multimedia shows depicting the stages of the battle. Later in 2022, the museum is scheduled to open in a new building and in a new layout, which will allow the presentation of, among other things, numerous artefacts found on the Fields of Grunwald. This collection has been waiting for years for a moment when it will be able to please the eyes of visitors and shed new light on the knowledge of the era from which it comes.

Also worth visiting are the ruins of the battle chapel, which was built to honour the fallen monastic knights. The ruins are located near the impressive monument towering over the Fields of Grunwald. You can go further, passing the commemorative boulder and reaching the Jagiellonian Mound, the hill from which, according to legend, the king is said to have commanded the battle. Your efforts will be rewarded, as from here you have a picturesque view of the surrounding fields and forests.

Inscenizacja bitwy po Grunwaldem. Maszerujący rycerze-statyści ubrani w hełmy i kolczugi oraz w średniowieczne stroje niektóre koloru białego. Każdy z rycerzy posiada białą broń w tym łuki i strzały.
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