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Statek Ilavia z Iławy pływający po jeziorze Jeziorak.   Statek Ilavia z Iławy pływający po jeziorze Jeziorak.

Cruises on Jeziorak Lake

Water tourism is a unique and very popular way to spend time in Warmia and Masuria. The region attracts crowds of people willing to relax: both those who actively enjoy water sports, as well as those who prefer peace and quiet and choose cruises on the lakes. For the latter, we offer cruises on Lake Jeziorak – which is the longest lake in Poland.

Jeziorak is located in Western Masuria (the historical name of this land is Upper Prussia), within the boundaries of the Iława Lake District. It is connected with the Elbląg Channel through the Iławski Channel, and through the Dobrzycki Channel – with Lake Ewingi. Jeziorak is the longest lake in Poland (27.5 km) with numerous bays, peninsulas and many islands, the largest of which is Wielka Żuława – which is also the largest inland island in Poland.

The areas to the west of the lake, covered by forests and within the boundaries of the Iława Lake District Landscape Park, are characterized by a typical postglacial landscape with numerous hills and depressions filled with lake waters. Jeziorak is a reservoir rich in many species of fish, such as: pike, carp, roach, bream, zander, crucian carp and eel. It is also a natural hunting ground for white-tailed eagles and ospreys, as well as a nesting place (on the islands) for cormorants and herons.

We can see all this by embarking on a cruise on Jeziorak. Boat trips are organized every year in the summer season with the ship named Ilavia, which is running several times a day from Iława. The cruise begins in the city center, next to the “Jeziorak” Shopping Mall (John Paul II Boulevard by Mały Jeziorak). The trip lasts about an hour, during this time the ship sails around Wielka Żuława, entering the borders of the Iława Lake District Landscape Park (which covers almost the entire lake). During the cruise, we can admire the richness of the lake’s fauna and flora, observing the life of water birds among the reeds. We cordially invite you to cruises on the “Ilavia” ship.

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