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The Warmia-Mazury region occupies the north-  -eastern part of Poland. Besides the historic lands of Warmia and Mazury, it also includes Powiśle. The territory of Mazury which covers, among others, the Great Mazury Lake District, the Mrągowo Lake District,  the Ełk Lake District and part of the Iława Lake District (including the Land of Węgorapa, the Szeskie Hills, the Mazury Plain), also encompasses Warmia, with its lands of the Łyna and Pasłęka basins. In its south- -eastern part – in the Olsztyn Lake District – Olsztyn, the capital of the Region, is located, while the picturesque land spreading north-east of Warmia constitutes Powiśle. Historically, the southern bank of the Vistula Valley as well as Elbląg belong to it.

In Braniewo, Olsztyn or maybe Mikołajki? It does not matter where, it matters that with family. See best places  for family turism in Warmia and Mazury.

Picturesque landscapes, numerous forests and lakes, interesting turistic attractions – those are not only merits of te Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. Strongly growing recreational turism and expanding base of hotel facilities with proffesional SPA & Welness background is also an asset of the region.

If you are looking for an alternative to an intense pace of life – fast food, fast relax, fast contacts with others – a visit to towns of the Cittaslow network will be a perfect idea. Each of them has an excellent offer for shorter and longer recreation: in particular, for entire families, but lovers of culture and enthusiasts of physical activity are welcome as well.

A land of lakes, forests, fields and gentle landscapes with moderate hills concealing sleepy villages is a perfect region for cyclists. The scenery is very diverse. It includes numerous, narrow roads lined with old trees.

One can try to demonstrate that Copernicus as mathematician cannot measure up to Ptolemy or Kepler, but being a sensitive visionist who speeded up the scientific resolution, Copernicus is a genius of cosmology and very few can fall into line with him. Owen Gingerich, American astronomer and science historian

The quiet depths of the lake gleaming in the sun, surrounded by a ring of green forests, best viewed from the deck of a yacht in full sail – this is how we usually connote Mazury. When leaves fall off the trees and one takes a closer look – grey, concrete, black-yawning shooting stations can be observed on the lake shores.

On the Grunwald fi elds thousands of soldiers stand opposite each other. Hidden below the protective shield of their armour, under banners waving in the wind, they hold long lances. Horses impatiently tear their bridles and rattle their hooves. Soon the iron regiments will pounce at each other, to clash in a deadly battle.

When we think of Mazury, we usually associate it with sailing on the lakes, beautiful, wild landscapes, large stretches of forests, and wind – not always blowing in the sails. And that’s right! Someone who has never stayed in this area is not aware of how much he has lost, but someone who has just once been tempted to experience the Masurian adventure, will remain faithful to the Land of the Great Mazury Lakes forever.

Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur