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Zdjęcie przedstawia parę rowerzystów podczas postoju na łące, patrzących się w dal gdzie widać niebieskie jezioro. Zdjęcie przedstawia parę rowerzystów podczas postoju na łące, patrzących się w dal gdzie widać niebieskie jezioro.

Bike routes

Bikes to the lakes! The land of the Great Masurian Lakes is not only good for sailors. There are more and more beautiful bicycle trails and separate roads for cyclists.

The Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Route

The Eastern Bicycle Route is the longest and one of the most beautifully located bicycle routes in Poland. The Warmia and Masuria section of the trail is 397 km long and can be fully covered by pedalling from town to town, admiring and visiting extremely picturesque and rich in cultural attractions areas.

The route is well prepared, along the way there are Bicycle Service Places, equipped with stands, benches and tables, information boards, toilets and Cyclist-Friendly Places where you can eat and rest before your further journey on the two wheels.

Green Velo is an application that you can download to your smartphone and go on an unforgettable bicycle trip around Warmia and Masuria. In each location, by using the “nearby” function provided by the application, you can check information about places that are interesting and worth visiting, located in the nearest vicinity of the trail.

Bicycle routes in Green Velo are marked, so you can easily choose a trail adapted to your skills and include, for example, traveling with a bicycle trailer.


Two wheels at the Mamry Lake

The route around Lake Mamry is not demanding, although it is more than 50 km to go. The unspoiled nature of the nature reserve Islands on Lakes Mamry and Kisajno, tourist towns and places that reveal their historical past – all this awaits us on the route.

The best place to start is Węgorzewo, where you can see the Młyński Channel and the open-air museum on the Węgorapa River. Heading to Sztynort, it is worthwhile to stop for a while in the village of Ogonki, where there is a WWII shelter.

When we get to Sztynort, our attention will surely be drawn to the largest yacht port in Masuria and the palace and park complex of the Lehndorff family from the 17th century. It is also worthwhile to grab a fresh fish and rest here, because the further route will be a bit more demanding.

If you continue on the historical trail, in Mamerki you will come across the shelters of the former headquarters of the German Land Forces. For those who are not afraid of heights, we recommend climbing the over 40 m long steel lookout tower, because the view that stretches from it is breathtaking.

Almost at the end of the route there is an attraction waiting for us, which cannot be missed. The Masurian Canal is an unfinished hydrotechnical project, which was to connect the Masurian lakes with the Baltic Sea. The route of the trip leads along the canal along a charming forest path.

If we have some spare energy in our legs, it is worth to turn back from the main route to Borecka Forest to see the biggest mammals of Europe – bison. And at the end of the day – have a total rest at Mamry Lake to enjoy the sunset and sounds of nature.

By bicycle around Lake Śniardwy

The trail around the biggest lake in Poland is charming, it leads almost entirely through the Masurian Landscape Park, but you have to be prepared for slightly more demanding sections. The whole route is over 100 km long, so it is worthwhile to spread it out into stages. Where to stop on the way?

The first attraction on the route you will encounter after leaving Mikolajki is a ferry crossing over Lake Bełdany in Wierzba. We must remember that the ferry runs only during the tourist season, from May to October. Once we find ourselves on the other side of the lake, we head for Popielno.

There we enjoy the beauty of nature. It is worthwhile to stop at the Polish Academy of Sciences Research Station in Popielno to see the life of koniks – Polish primitive horses, originating directly from wild tarpans.

When we ride towards Niedźwiedzi Róg, we see a beautiful panorama of the lake with two islands – Czarcia and Pajęcza. A forest road will lead us to Pisz, where it is worth to visit the Pisz Land Museum, and from the vantage point on the former water tower you can admire the vastness of the Masurian forests and make plans for further bicycle trips.

Finally, some practical information. The route leads along roads of very different standard – from high quality asphalt, through cobblestone, to gravel. On a small section there is a separate road for bikes. Only a few short sections are characterized by high car traffic.

It is best to spend here at least two days, plan your accommodation to visit all the attractions that are spread around this bicycle route in Masuria.


Zdjęcie przedstawia spokojną rzekę Krutynię w czasie zachodu słońca, W rzece odbijają się trawy i drzewa.

Krutynia - a river without secrets

The Krutynia river starts its course in the Mragowo Lake District, flows out of Warpuńskie Lake, crosses lakes in the Masurian Plain and ends its course in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The trail leads through a dozen or so lakes connected by short rivers, which have been given the common name Krutynia.

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On the trail with Copernicus - the places where the great astronomer lived and worked

This trail leads through unique places. It's nearly 300 km of exciting journey in the footsteps of great discoveries that have changed the perception of the universe forever.

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Spływ rzeką Dajną. Na zdjęciu niebieski kajak z dwiema wioślarkami pokonujący zakręt na rzece i wpływający nurtem rzeki do następnej odnogi Dajny.

Kayaking around Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts. The abundance of lakes, natural water canals and rivers create perfect conditions for organising a several hours long trip or a few days long canoeing trip.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur