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Na zdjęciu widzimy turystkę na rowerze stojącą na drodze przed lasem, podczas wyprawy rowerowej.   Na zdjęciu widzimy turystkę na rowerze stojącą na drodze przed lasem, podczas wyprawy rowerowej.

By bike from the open-air museum to the beaver reserve

A good holiday is the one during which you have covered at least one bicycle route – say lovers of recreation on two wheels. Fortunately, there are plenty of interesting cycling routes in our region.

Many routes allow you to combine active recreation with getting to know the attractions of the region. One of them is the red bicycle trail leading from Olsztynek to the village of Makruty. It is about 16 km long. At the beginning of the trip, it is worth visiting the Artistic Glass Factory in Olsztynek. It’s a great place! In front of our eyes, the glassworks craftsmen blow and form the mass of glass in order to create extraordinary artistic forms from it. Glass products can be bought in the shop next to the glassworks.

Fot. www.huta-olsztynek.pl

If we would prefer to start a bicycle trip with a decent warm-up, we can take advantage of the skatepark in Olsztynek, which encourages us to take up sports challenges. An alternative is to leisurely learn about the history and culture of the region in a unique place – the Ethnographic Park  Museum of Folk Architecture.

Animals, such as horses, cows, goats and rabbits bred in the open-air museum can be a big attraction, especially for younger travellers. The museum’s educational offer is targeted at both children and adults. Many events take place here, for example The regional Festival of Herbs or the Wschód Piękna music festival.

Fot. www.muzeumolsztynek.pl

The route will be especially appreciated by those for whom the purpose of the trip is to admire the beauties of nature. On the way, we pass the Jagiełek forester’s lodge, the villages of Witulty, Zezuty and Gębiny, and above all we cross beautiful forests.

Finally, we reach Lake Sarąg, which is located within the beaver nature reserve “Ostoja Bobrów” on the Pasłęka River. It is the largest reserve in our province. It covers almost the entire course of the Pasłęka River (from the riverhead to Braniewo, 8 km away from the mouth of the river to the Vistula Lagoon), along with several lakes through which it flows.

Fot. www.jezioro.com.pl

Zdjęcie przedstawia Park Centralny w Olsztynie poprzez który płynie rzeka Łyna.

City break in Olsztyn

Discovering the capital of Warmia and Masuria is extremely interesting at any time of year. It is a city with a soul, where history intertwines with modernity.

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Explore the five revitalised monuments in the cities of Cittaslow

The idea of the international Cittaslow city movement, which was established in Italy in 1998, is to promote the culture of good and harmonious life, which is an alternative to the big city rush and progressing globalisation. The cities with the sign of the orange snail undertake joint activities to improve the quality of life of their residents, develop culture, and focus on pro-social and pro-environmental activities.

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Zdjęcie zapraszające do Grunwaldu na kolejną edycję Inscenizacji Bitwy pod Grunwaldem.

Grunwald - here you will feel the history

The anniversary of the battle is approaching, of which the staging attracts the attention of history lovers and attracts tens of thousands of viewers. The Battle of Grunwald has been commemorated in literature, painting and cinema. Unfortunately, this year, due to restrictions related to the epidemic situation, the event will not be carried out. But this does not mean that you have to deny yourself a trip to the Grunwald Fields!

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur