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Zdjęcie przedstawia pole maków a pośrodku pola mały staw. Zdjęcie przedstawia pole maków a pośrodku pola mały staw.

Stunning places in Warmia and Masuria

In Warmia and Masuria you will find places that delight and look fabulous without the help of instagram filters. The most beautiful environment, dignified castles full of mysteries, and inspiring people. We have a handful of places to which it is worthwhile to direct your steps, while staying in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, where even mosquitoes are more friendly than anywhere else.

We bet that when visiting these places, you will first admire the beauty, only then you will think to take out the phone?

Unspoiled nature

Feel the smell of the forest after the rain (take a breath), the pleasantly warming sunshine on your skin (close your eyes for a moment) and the silence, disturbed only by the scream of cormorants and the hum of the wind. This is Warmia and Masuria. The works of nature here will take your breath away.

If you want to make a good photo, we recommend that you go to the largest Polish lake, Śniardwy, or take the Krutynia Canoeing Trail, which is almost 100 km long – not without reason considered one of the most picturesque trails in Europe. Six nature reserves have been set up around the river, which guarantees you a communion with the unspoiled nature.


Majestic, dignified, beautiful and receiving millions of likes. There are plenty of them in Warmia and Masuria. The castle in Lidzbark Warmiński will satisfy the most picky romantics, the interiors of the castle in Ryn, transformed into a hotel, will win the hearts of all enthusiasts of classical beauty. In the ruins of Szymbark Castle, scenes from the film “The Ogre” with John Malkovich were shot.

You can give Nicolaus Copernicus a high five at the Olsztyn castle, and the last witch in Europe was burnt down at the castle in Reszel. The castles in the Warmia and Masuria region hide a piece of amazing history, and we probably don’t have to convince you that it’s worthwhile to discover their secrets and follow their trail.


Unobtrusive villages

Sometimes it is worthwhile to go off the main routes and look for lesser known places. The Elbląg Canal and the Old Town in Olsztyn are great, but Kruklanki, a village hidden between the cleanest lakes of Masuria and the woods of Puszcza Borecka (Borki forest), lying on the Sapina River, are equally interesting. Nearby, you will come across picturesque ruins of railway viaducts.

On the other hand, just next to the state border, near the village of Rapa, there is a pyramid hidden among the trees. It was erected by the Danish architect Bertel Thorvaldens on behalf of the Prussian baron Friedrich von Fahrenheid. The baron and six members of his family were buried in it. Locals and dowsers claim that there is strong electromagnetic radiation in the place where the pyramid is located, and that there are no insects or birds in its immediate vicinity.

Archaeological research on the pyramid was started in 2015 by a team of specialists from the University of Warsaw, but you can see for yourself how much truth there is in the fact that the pyramid accumulates large amounts of energy.

Energy of the city

Olsztyn, the capital of the region, is a place where you will certainly not be bored. However, when sightseeing the city, it is worth following the key rule to have eyes around your head, so that you don’t miss anything interesting. Turn into the inconspicuous streets of the old town, stop in front of the facades of the historic buildings, which gracefully pose as the best models.

There’s a secret lurking in every corner – all you have to do is meet with your local guide. The Municipal Beach on Lake Ukiel probably won’t mind if you visit it too – it has an ace up its sleeve not only in the summer, when it is a place of fun and rest for both young and old.

Warmia and Masuria hide interesting and surprising places. It is worth looking around, discovering, inspiring when we want to see beautiful landscapes, picturesque routes and magnificent architecture.


Zdjęcie przedstawia Park Centralny w Olsztynie poprzez który płynie rzeka Łyna.

City break in Olsztyn

Discovering the capital of Warmia and Masuria is extremely interesting at any time of year. It is a city with a soul, where history intertwines with modernity.

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The White Sails Trail

White sails stretched in the wind, sailing yachts on the shimmering surface of water is a view characteristic for Masuria. The Land of a Thousand Lakes is a Mecca for sailors - lakes connected by canals create perfect conditions for swinging on the water and discovering places where man is in vain, where unspoiled nature is not only a cliché, and sunrises reflected in the water mirror remain in memory for a long time.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia pomnik z brązu Mikołaja Kopernika, który stoi na olsztyńskim starym mieście.

On the trail with Copernicus - the places where the great astronomer lived and worked

This trail leads through unique places. It's nearly 300 km of exciting journey in the footsteps of great discoveries that have changed the perception of the universe forever.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur