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Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego – Park Etnograficzny w Olsztynku. Szkoła ze wsi Pawłowo (gm. Olsztynek, pow. olsztyński, obiekt oryginalny z XIX w.). Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego – Park Etnograficzny w Olsztynku. Szkoła ze wsi Pawłowo (gm. Olsztynek, pow. olsztyński, obiekt oryginalny z XIX w.).

Where time stands still

Probably all of us at least once wanted time to stop for a moment. Especially when we want to savour a great experience, remember all the details of a special moment.

The Museum of Folk Architecture – Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek. If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to plan your visit now. And if you have – it is worth revisiting at the earliest opportunity.

Currently, the open-air museum covers an area of 94 hectares. There are 79 objects of rural architecture, not only from Warmia and Mazury, but also from Powiśle and Little Lithuania. They are equipped with traditional tools once used in everyday work and rituals. The animals bred in the open-air museum are a great attraction, especially for children. You can meet horses and cows, as well as sheep, goats and rabbits.

You can feast your eyes on well-kept flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Such green and serene surroundings will help you rest and break away from the daily hassle.

Fot. www.muzeumolsztynek.pl

The museum provides an educational offer. It is especially enlightening to immerse yourself in the life of former villagers, observe and experience traditional activities, and learn practical skills. “From wool to a sweater”, “Secrets of a country shutter”, “Practice makes perfect… pots”these are just sample topics of classes and workshops you can attend. These activities are dedicated for children of all ages as well as adults.

Fot. www.muzeumolsztynek.pl

The open-air museum in Olsztynek is one of the most interesting places of this kind in Poland. Visiting it is a perfect idea for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as those who are curious about history and new experiences. Photography lovers will surely appreciate the exceptional atmosphere and scenery for unique compositions.

Fot. www.muzeumolsztynek.pl

Uzdrowisko Gołdap. Na zdjęciu dwa budynki tężni uzdrowiska.

A weekend in Gołdap - Mazurski Zdrój

Gołdap is a city with unique natural and climatic values with the purest air in the region. We inform tourist who plan to come to Gołdap for the weekend, that three days is certainly not enough. It is the only town in the region, which holds the status of a mud treatment climatic resort with a Health Resort Promenade, a mineral water drinking room and graduation towers

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Gospodarstwo Ogrodniczo-Agroturystyczne „Ekolandia” pod Ornetą.

Feel invited to the Educational farms in Warmia and Mazury

Innovative education does not have to rely on complicated processes based on modern technologies. It can be a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, i.e., a form of learning based on action.

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Zdjęcie przedstawia spokojną rzekę Krutynię w czasie zachodu słońca, W rzece odbijają się trawy i drzewa.

Krutynia - a river without secrets

The Krutynia river starts its course in the Mragowo Lake District, flows out of Warpuńskie Lake, crosses lakes in the Masurian Plain and ends its course in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The trail leads through a dozen or so lakes connected by short rivers, which have been given the common name Krutynia.

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Wybacz ale w tak niskiej rozdzielczości nie jesteśmy w stanie pokazać piękna Warmi i Mazur