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Mazury Garbate widok na jezioro Mazury Garbate widok na jezioro

Wandering around Mazury Garbate

One of the most beautiful corners of Warmia and Masuria region is the highly uneven terrain called Mazury Garbate. They cover the contractual area between Gołdap and Olecko, and between Kruklanki and the eastern border of the voivodeship.

From the south to the north there is a range of Szeskie Wzgórza with the highest Szeska Góra (309 m above sea level), the second highest (after Góra Dylewska) hill in the region. There are also two forests within Mazury Garbate area: Borecka and Romincka Forests. Interestingly, they are natural habitats for bisons nowadays.

We can admire the charming, “humped” landscapes from Piękna Góra, located near Gołdap. [‘garbaty’ means ‘humped’] Every day in the summer and winter seasons, we can get to the top using a chairlift. Apart from the panorama of the surrounding area, there is a cafe with a revolving floor  here.

These attractions can make you feel dizzy, and this is just the beginning of what tourists can experience in Mazury Garbate.

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In Gołdap itself, we can admire equally attractive views from the observation deck and the dome of the former water tower. Another place with a similar purpose is the viewpoint at the top of the Masurian Brine Graduation Tower by Lake Gołdap.

In the city, you can take advantage of the spa offer that includes the mineral and healing water pump room with mini-graduation towers and a salt cave.

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Ecological Farm in Zatyki offers an unforgettable experience at the bloodless safari. It is an amazing off-road ride on a vast area where various species of deer, fallow deer, moufflons and other animals live freely. We can also take a ride on an amphibious vehicle across the ponds or a gondola cruise.

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Being in Olecko, which takes pride in having the largest market in Europe, you should take a walking and cycling trip using the “Squirrel path” nature trail. It covers almost 13 km and runs around Oleckie Wielki Lake. We will reach the beautiful beaches of Szyjka and Skocznia as well as other sports and tourist facilities.

Protected plant species grow along the route and there are also breeding grounds for water birds.

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We can also find unusual historic buildings in Mazury Garbate region. They include the Railway Viaducts in Stańczyki, one of the highest (36.5 m) historic bridges in the country. The two constructions made from concrete, each of them having five fifteen-meter long arches, are supported by massive pillars.

One of the viaducts was built in 1912-1914 (trains ran on it from 1927 to 1944), the other was built in 1923-1926 (but no tracks were placed on it). Another of the intriguing buildings is the pyramide in Rapa, which is nearly 16 m high and has a square base with 10 m on a side. This tomb of the von Fahrenheid family was built at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Na stole trzy pakiety zawiniętych sznurkiem kiełbasek typu kabanos. Obok w misce gotowany czosnek.

Culinary Heritage Network Warmia Masuria Powiśle

Drawing on the culinary traditions of Warmia, Masuria and Powiśle, based on the high quality of local products - such are the products and services that the Culinary Heritage Network "Warmia Masuria Powiśle" gathers.

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Elbląg for the weekend

Elbląg is a perfect place to spend an interesting weekend. The oldest city in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship offers both historical monuments and modern attractions.

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Zdjęcie zapraszające do Grunwaldu na kolejną edycję Inscenizacji Bitwy pod Grunwaldem.

Grunwald - here you will feel the history

The anniversary of the battle is approaching, of which the staging attracts the attention of history lovers and attracts tens of thousands of viewers. The Battle of Grunwald has been commemorated in literature, painting and cinema. Unfortunately, this year, due to restrictions related to the epidemic situation, the event will not be carried out. But this does not mean that you have to deny yourself a trip to the Grunwald Fields!

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